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Discover Lower Yulong River
Discover Lower Yulong River

Trail: Yulong Bridge-Jiuxian-Yangshuo
Walking time:
5 to 6 hours.
Difficulty: easy walk.

In Jiuxian, it's possible to eat at a farmer's house, with fresh vegetables supplied directly from his backyard garden.
From Yangshuo bus station, take the bus heading for Jingbao. Ask the driver to let you get off at an intersection after Baisha. From the intersection, a 10-minute walk, you will find Yulong bridge. You can also catch a bus at Yangshuo heading for Guilin or Yangdi (Y5), tell the driver to drop you off at Baisha, and walk in.
Route mark: No marks.
Map: For a detailed map, see Around Yulong River
Yulong Bridge -- > Jiuxian: 2 hours.
From Yulong bridge, both sides of the river have trails going to Jiuxian.
The region is often recommended by locals to the tourists for bike tours.
I prefer to walk. Following the small paths along the Yulong river, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the river as well as the green rice fields and beautiful hills.
If you bike, you have to take the wider road used by local tractors. Yulong river is barely visible. If you have time, it is worth to try both.
The upper left photo was taken at the west bank of Yulong river. The one below was Xiangui bridge.
Between Yulong bridge and Jiuxian, there is no other bridge. But you can cross the river easily by following the ridge of a dam (see photo below left, it was taken when the level of river was fairly high). There are more than 25 dams built between Yulong bridge and Gongnong bridge for irrigation.
Jiuxian -- > Yangshuo: 3 hours.
Don't cross the Dashi bridge in Jiuxian. Following the path along the east bank, you will pass several villages. In Lima, there is an intersection, the path to the left leads to Yangshuo directly, the path to the right will bring you to Gongnong bridge on the Yangshuo and Wuzhou highway. From there you can take a bus back to Yangshuo.

Written by Suyun in 2003.

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