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Itinerary 3: The North Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Route: Chengdu - Mt. Siguniang (Rilong Town)- Danba - Ganzi - Dege - Chamdo - Rawu - Pomi - Kongo Gymda - Lhasa

Landscapes: Along the north Sichuan-Tibet highway, click the following links to see some pictures.

From Danba (1950m) to Bamei. (110km)
From Bamei to Daofu (81km)
From Daofu (2980m) to Luhuo (71km)
From Luhuo (3200m) to Ganzi (106km): Kasha Grassland, Kasha Lake.
From Ganzi (3394m) to Manigango (around 100km)
From Manigango (3980M) to Dege (around 130km): pictures on Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.
From Dege (3270m) to Jinsha bridge (Tibetan border, 26km).

Highlights with hiking possibilities.

1. Siguniang Shan (四姑娘山 Four Sisters Mountain):(Rilong Town 日隆)
T ime: 2 to 3 days;
Things to do: hiking the Haizi gully where hides several alpine lakes, climbing Mt Daguniang (5355m). ..more

2. Danba: 460km from Chengdu. Altitude: 1950m.
Time: 2 days; Things to do: hiking in the countryside and discover some picturesque Tibetan villages. More
It is possible to hike from Dangling to Daofu

3. Bamei Town (3450M), Tagong Grassland (3800m).
1. Discovery trek to the Yala (Zhara) Sacred Mountain, where hides beautiful Alpine lakes.
2. A 6-day circuit in the west of Tagong. Highlights: several isolated monasteries, lakes.
Guides and horses can be found in Tagong.
Climbing: Mt. Yala (Zhara) - Useful information and beautiful photos on
If Danba doesn't have any direct bus to Ganzi, go first to either Bamei or Tagong, stay overnight, and catch the Kangding-Ganzi bus next day.

4. Ganzi Town
Hiking around Ganzi on, with a good map.

Sertar (3984m): In the north of Ganzi hides a splendid monastery and the biggest Buddhism college outside Tibet. But the 150km distance needs a whole day to get there.

Baiyu: There is a road connecting Ganzi direct to Baiyu. No information on the bus service.
Wooden Architecture in Ganzi (

5. Dege Town: The famous Dege Printing House. A plenty of spectacular hiking possibilities exist in the backcountry. More on CBP

Enter into Tibet:

6. Chamdo

7. Rawu, Lhagu:

Discover Rawu Tibetan villages, Exploring Lhagu Glacier, more on CBP

8. Nyingchi (Linzhi)

Pai - The Yarlung Tsangpo Gorge. The gorge is claimed by Chinese Scientists the Deepest gorge in the world.

The trail to Motuo is adored by Chinese keen hikers as the most challenging trail. The gorge, covered by dense primitive forests, cuts through some soaring peaks up to 7000 meters. The two highest among them are the famous Mt. Namjagbarwa (Namtche Barwa, 7782m) and Mt. Gyalha Bairi (7234m).

Motuo village can be accessed only by foot.
West Trailhead: Paixiang near Bayi, a 6-day hike to reach Motuo.
East Trailhead: the 80km point. The road comes from Bomi ends here. A 3-day hike to reach Motuo.
Northwest Trailhead: Pailong near Tongmai on the 317 highway between Bomi and Bayi. Hike around 11 days to reach Motuo.

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Written by Suyun in 2005.


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