Fugitive Pieces,by Anne Michaels.

Can’t remember how many times that I tried reading this book. But I never managed to finish it, neither had I understand the book.

Today I restarted from ‘Phosphorus’, and was caught up immediately in the music decription: Brahms’ intermezzos, moonlight, Fauré. I googled them and listened in youtube at Brahms’ intermezzos op119, no.2, and discovered Fauré’s Barcarolle.

Reading FP accompanied by the muisc Anne described, my mind resettled itself in peace.

“Imagine a deep lake surrounded by mountains, where the wind becomes trapped and the waves move in every direction under the moon….” (p126).

And Alexsandra was a ‘Character in a screwball comedy searchin in vain for a serious moment. ‘ Their relation was fastened in an instant and it took five years to come apart’.

Remember in the film ‘The legand of 1900′, ‘Life is immense..’

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