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Lake Manasarovar, Tibet
Lake Manasarovar is sacred to the Tibetans as well as Hindus. Many Hindu pilgrims from India and Nepal visit and bath in the waters of the lake every year. Tibetans walk the 90km around the lake in 2-3 days. It is linked to a smaller lake, Lhanag-tso in Tibetan (拉昂错) or Rakshas Tal by a channel.

The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains; it is backed up by the Himalayas to the south, the most prominent and picturesque of the peaks being the 7,728m Mount Nanonani, in Tibetan (纳木那尼雪峰) or Gurla Mandata, to the rest of the world.

There are two towns along the shore of the lake. Barkha in-between the two lakes and Hor Qu at the east, along the southern route to Lhasa. There are accommodation and food at both these places.

We stayed at the Tashi Guesthouse at the west side of the lake, just below the craggy outcrop where Chiu Gompa (即乌寺) is situated. It cost 30 RMB for a bed in a 3-bed dormitory. The location is fabulous as it is on the shore of the lake with great views of Mount Kailash and the gompa.

Getting there: see Darchen


Written by CBP in Sept 2007

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