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Sakya, Tibet

The fortress-like Sakya Monastery is unique compared with other Tibetan monasteries that I have visited before. Its blue walls are framed with striking white and red vertical stripes. The main buildings are protected by massive rampart with outstanding towers. I like the view to the monastery from the hills north of the river where scatter some small monasteries and tibetan houses.

Sakya is situated around 120km west of Shigatse, 25km from the Friendship Highway to Tinggri and Nepal. A daily mini-bus connects Shigatse with Sakya (Y60.-).

Sakya remained quiet and attractive with very few vehicles, tourists, and Han influence during my visit in 2005. It reminded me of Lhasa and Shigatse in 1999 during my first visit to Tibet.

Without any supply of electricity, Sakya offered simple accommodations at Y20 to Y30/per bed. The most expensive option is the Sakya Hotel run by the local government. One can find a lovely hostel run by a Tibetan family close to the bridge along the main road.


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