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Daju, Yunnan

Daju is best known for its magnificant views of both Yulong and Haba Snow Mountains. It is an important crossing point of the Lijing's fabulous treks.

Getting there and away:

♦  Daju - Shitoucheng.
Take a Lijiang bus from Daju in the morning. Get off at the junction where the Daju-Lijiang road joins the Shitoucheng-Lijiang road, (see map) and wait for the Lijiang-Shitoucheng bus. Be patient ! Although the bus is scheduled to arrive at around 10:30, delay seems unavoidable, sometimes one hour, sometimes two or three hours. Daju has a bus going to Mingyin, a village near Baoshan Stone Village.

♦ Lijiang - Daju.
It is reported that all tourists on the Lijiang-Daju bus are asked to pay Y80, the entrance ticket of Yulong Snow Mountain even if they don't stop to visit this mountain. A daily bus links Lijiang to Daju (90km), departing early in the morning (Y23.5).

One bus leaves Daju for Lijiang in the morning. In this direction, travelers are not required to pay Yulong Mountain's ticket even if they stop to visit the mountain.

Tiger Leaping Gorge - Daju.
From the Low Road of the Gorge, you have to cross the river - Jinsha Jiang. The new ferry will not be in service if it rains a lot. Then it is another 2-hour walk to the old ferry. Follow the roadmark. After crossing the river, walking to Daju from new ferry takes 2 hours, from old ferry takes only one hour. Sometime there are mini buses waiting for the traveler near the ferry.


Piaopiao Kezhan 漂漂客栈, near Daju bus station. Tel 0888-5326095. Y15/per night, a traditional Naxi House.
This guesthouse offers magnificiant views of both Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. From the Old Ferry, there is a small trail marked by the owner of Piaopiao Kezhan. Follow this trail, in 5-10 minutes, you can reach the guesthouse.

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