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Taishun Bridges, Zhejiang

Taishun County 泰顺 in southwest Zhejiang province hides some of China's most beautiful ancient wooden bridges. Much to my surprise, these magnificent ancient bridges, not far away from the rich coastal cities like Wenzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai, are still unknown to the public.

There are more than 300 ancient bridges found in the Taishun County. It is not necessary to go to Taishun town (also called Luoyang 罗阳镇). Go first to Sixi 泗溪, then Xiaochun 筱村, and Sankui 三魁. Most well preserved beautiful bridges can be admired around these three towns. If you have more time, you can further discover Wengshan 翁山 or Zhouling洲岭.

Wenxing Bridge

Things to see: (Click the bridge name to view the picture.)

Some bridges are located in town and the others are in the countryside. See map: Bridges of Taishun.

Around Sixi 泗溪:
1. Beijian Bridge 北涧桥: First built in 1674, rebuilt in 1849. Length: 51.7m. (Town)
2. Xidong Bridge 溪东桥: First built in 1570, rebuilt in 1827. Length: 41.7m. (Town)
3. Nanxi Bridge 南溪桥: Built in 1842. (See Map)
4. Nanyang Bridge 南阳桥: Built in 1870. (See Map)

Around Xiaochun 筱村:
1. Wenxing Bridge 文兴桥: Built in 1957. Length: 46.2m. Set in a peaceful countryside, Wenxing Bridge is my favorite. (See Map)
2. Wenzhong Bridge 文重桥: Built in 1745. (See Map)
3. Xuaodi Village, 徐嶅底古村落, a peaceful village with beautiful ancient houses.People are friendly. (See Map)

Around Sankui 三魁:
1. Yongqing Bridge 永庆桥: Built in 1797. (See Map)
2. Xuezhai Bridge 薛宅桥: Built in 1856. (Town)
3. Liuzhai Bridge 刘宅桥: Built in 1666. (See Map)

Around Taishun(Luoyang) 泰顺:
1. Xianju Bridge 仙居桥: Built in 1673. Length: 43m.(See Map)
2. Dengyun Bridge 登云桥 (Town)

Around Zhouling 洲岭:
1. Yuwen Bridge 毓文桥:Built in 1839. (Town)
2. Santiao Bridge 三条桥:Built in 1843. Take the Zhouling-Sankui bus, tell the driver to drop you off near the bridge. From the road, a pleasant 15-minute walk in a peaceful countryside, you will find this amazing bridge. (See Map)

Around Hengkeng 横坑:
1. Xiaguang Bridge 霞光桥: Built in 1723 (See Map)

Hushi House 胡氏大院:Traditional local house, near Xuexi. (See Map)


Actually you can visit all these places by car in two days. If you count on the local transport, you may spend three to four days. I recommend Sixi 泗溪, Xiaocun 筱村, and Zhouling 洲岭 smaller and much quieter. You can arrange the journey as follows: Wenzhou - Sixi - Xiaochun - Sankui - Zhouling - Xuexi - Yayang - Wenzhou. (See Map)

If you pass through Shanghai, or anywhere in Zhejiang Province, why not spend two days visiting these amazing heritages before the invasion of Chinese tourists.

Xianqu Bridge

Getting there:

Take the evening train N533 from Shanghai to Wenzhou 温州 (Departure: 20:58, Arrival: 7:00, next day, Y167).
The return train from Wenzhou to Shangahi is scheduled at 19:10, and will arrive in Shanghai 6:00 next morning.

From Wenzhou railway station, take a taxi (Y10) to Wenzhou Bus Station (温州客运中心). Wenzhou Bus Station has buses leaving every half an hour to Taishun. Take the Taishun bus if you head for Sankui (Y44), around two and a half hours. If you head for Sixi, take a direct bus from Wenzhou to Sixi. (Y37). There are regular buses connecting Sixi, Sankui and Xiaochun.

Getting around: There are regular bus services between different towns and villages. You can take the bus to visit the bridge outside the town or simply walk there.


Taishun and Sankui have a lot of cheap accommodations. You can find easily a clean hotel near the bus station. We paid Y60 for a double room with bathroom and hotshower.

There are simple hostels 'Zhaodaisuo 招待所' or 'Lushe 旅社' in Sixi and Zhouling, prices range from Y20 to Y30 per bed, some hostels have hot shower.

Useful link (in Chinese):, Map Link

(Written by Suyun in 2005. Visited Taishun in April 6, 2005.)

Xuaodi Village

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