Wujiang Gorges
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As per my visit in 2004
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Wu Jiang (the River Wu) gets its source from the high Wumeng Mountains in west Guizhou. It flows north-eastward between two mountain ranges (Miao Lin in the south and Dalou Shan in the north), and then turns north to cut through the Wuling Mountains. It runs 1037 km and empties into Chang Jiang (Yangzi River) near Fuling in Chongqing.

87% of Wu Jiang valley is surrounded by steep mountains that forms a large number of beautiful gorges. Some of the most picturesque landscapes, called Wu Jiang Gallery, are found between Yanhe in northwest Guizhou and Gongtan in southeast Chongqing. About 50 km long, Wu Jiang Gallery consists of several gorges extremely steep and rugged with stunning rock formations. With constant turbulence and relentless current, they are more awesome, verdant and pristine than the famous Three Gorges of Chang Jiang (Yangzi River).

As opposed to the chaotic scene of hundreds of cruises packed with tourists floating on the Li River or in the Three Gorges every day, Wu Jiang has not been disturbed by any tourist boat. The only way to admire these wonderful gorges is to take a boat ride among few local boat services mentioned below:

Boat ride: Daily schedule

1) Between Yanhe and Hongdu:

Downstream: Yanhe 8:00 -> Qingquan 10:30 -> Gongtan 11:15 -> Hongdu 12:00
Upstream: Hongdu 10:00 -> Gongtan 10:45 -> Qingquan 11:30 -> Yanhe 15:00

2) Between Gongtan/Hongdu and Pengshui.

According to a traveler's report, there is no longer boat service between Hongdu and Pengshui due to dam construction.

4) Between Gongtan and Qingquan: only available during market days (see left photo).

Upstream: Gongtan 7:00 - Qingquan 8:00
Downstream: Qingquan 16:00 - Gongtan 16:45


- Yanhe by bus:

1) West: Guiyang to Yanhe (Y101.-)
Buses leave for Yanhe from Guiyang Long Distance Bus Station at 7:30am, 9am. The journey takes all day.
2) East: Between Yanhe and *Shuishan: 5 hours. The road is under construction. As soon as the construction is completed, the journey will reduce to 3 hours. Yanhe -> Shuishan: Departure at 8:00 and 10:00. Fare: Y25.
Shuishan is an important junction of roads coming from West Hunan, South Chongqing and Northeast Guizhou. It is easy to find bus to Jishou (Y30), Fenghuang, Huaihua in Hunan, Tongren in Guizhou and Longtan, Youyang in Chongqing.
3) South: Between Yanhe and Fanjingshan Nature Reserve: Take a bus to Yinjiang, then change a bus for the west gate of Fanjingshan.
4) South: Yanhe also has direct sleeping bus to Guangzhou.

- Pengshui by bus: Chongqing - Pengshui: 5 hours, frequent buses.

Written by Suyun in 2005.

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