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Jiulong, Sichuan

Jiulong (九龙) is a small town situated in the Ganzi Region, southwest of Chengdu. It is approximately 620 km from Chengdu. We have a good article titled � Travel Information for Jiulong in Sichuan � contributed by Michael Woodhead in 2004 in this website. Most of the information in it are still relevant and accurate. Readers are encouraged to read it first. Our guide is based on a recent trip to Jiulong in October 2006.


Wuxu Hai (Lake) (伍须海)

The main attraction of Jiulong is the Wuxu Lake, about 25km north west of town. ( See Map - Around Jiulong ) The lake is very scenic especially if it is a sunny morning without wind. The reflections on the lake are just perfect. Apart from the lake itself, the other so-called attractions within the park are nothing to write more about.

There is no public transport and the only means to get there is by chartering a vehicle. A concrete road to Wuxu is currently being built and should be completed within the next six months. The condition of the current dirt road is not bad and so, any vehicles can get there; it need not be a jeep. We paid 150 RMB for a return journey on the same day. Readers can either negotiate with the drivers at the main square or contact Mr. Fu at 13778399029. We find Mr. Fu to be sincere, reliable and very reasonable.

The entrance is 60 RMB/head. Log cabin accommodation is available. This is now only doubles at 60 RMB. Readers can contact this number to make reservation: 13678364764 or 13990450060.

Wuxu is beautiful in the morning with perfect reflections. The forests around the lake are pretty especially during autumn. Please see the Wuxu album for more photos.

Changhaizi Lake (长海子)

Changhaizi is an alpine lake at approximately 3,800m. The view is dominated by a couple of snow-capped peaks, the highest of which is the Maidi Konka (Gongga) Peak (麦地贡嘎山) of approximately 4,600m, standing at one end. On any clear morning, one can enjoy a perfect reflection of the mountain on the lake.

The lake is surrounded by forests on one side and rocks tumbling down the hillside on the other. At one end there are pastures where herders let their livestock roam for most part of the year. At the opposite end is a small stream from melted snow from the snow-capped mountains that feed the lake.

Still unknown to Chinese tourists, Changhaizi is an ideal destination reserved for backpackers and nature lovers. The sceneries around the lake with the snow-capped mountains and reflections are quite spectacular, worth a rank. Another is given to the incredible warmth and hospitality of the people we met along the way to Changhaizi. Their sincerity and friendliness simply adds to the whole travelling experience.

The excursion from Jiulong to Changhaizi and back can be completed in a relatively strenuous three days (Day1 journey from Jiulong and trek eight hours to Changhaizi; Day2 from Changhaizi back to Sanyanlong over seven hours and Day3 journey back to Jiulong). We did it over four days to afford ourselves more time to enjoy the special atmosphere, hospitality and warmth of the Tibetan people in the villages. More information on: Trek to Changhaizhi.

An alternative is to trek further to Mengdong from Changhaizi and back to Sanyanlong. Information and map available on Yalong River Trek.

Sunlight streaming into herder's hut

Getting there: See Map - Chengdu-Jiulong

  • From Chengdu: There is a daily bus direct to Jiulong departing at 7am from Xinnamen bus station . This bus travels the following route over 12 hours to reach Jiulong: Chengdu -Ya'an (149km) -Luding (166km) -Kangding (54km) -Jiulong (250km). The bus fare is 172 RMB.
  • From Kangding: There is a daily bus direct to Jiulong departing at 7am. The bus fare is 72 RMB.

More: � Travel Infomration for Jiulong in Sichuan � contributed by Michael Woodhead.

Last Visit: in October 2006
Written by CBP in November 2006

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