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Updated on Aug 31, 2006
From form to form, beauty to beauty, ever changing, never resting, all are speeding on with love's enthusiasm, singing with the stars the eternal song of creation.

-- John Muir, <My Frist Summer in the Sierra> --
I visited Jiuzhaigou twice. It is one of the most beautiful scenic parks in China, especially for admiring mountain lakes and falls. The amazing colors of Jiuzhaigou's lakes and pools are indeed very unique.

Nature has gathered here her favorite selections from crystal clear, turquoise and deep green to the seasonal colors of the luxuriant surrounding vegetation.

Bouncing, dancing, rejoicing streams, cascades and falls are beating their way with restless energy through meadows, bushes, trees, rocks without any appreciable channel from the upper lakes to the lower lakes. Trees form beautiful fringes to the lakes.
Jiuzhaigou was inscribed in
Natural World Heritage Sites in 1992. See a detailed report from WCMC (World Conservations Monitoring Centre): detailed
Information on altitude, physical feature, vegetation, fauna, climate and so on.
I would not recomend Jiuzhaigou for those backpackers who have never visited China before.
An enchanting trek.  
A raised plank path, built in 2001, makes it possible to trek from Arrow Bamboo Lake in Rezegou Gully to the park's gate. If you know how to avoid the crowd, this may be the only way left for individual travelers to enjoy the park. Two-third of the path is still quiet and extremely pleasant which makes the expensive entrance ticket worthwhile.


Link: Detailed maps and introduction, nice photos in http://jiuzhaigou.yourwaywith.us/tour.htm
When to visit: Best time to visit is in autumn between late October and early November. The change in colors of tree leaves during this season is truly incrediable.