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 Destinations >> Sichuan >> Huanglong 1999
Explore Chinese Countryside - Discover Hidden Treasures

This park is absolutely worth a rating.

spectacular travertine, rimstone pools are unique.
The forest is better protected than nearby Jiuzhaigou valley.
The 5588 m snow-crowned Xuebaoding, the summit of Minshan Range, emerges at the background during fine days.

Profile: Huanglong was inscribed in Natural World Heritage Sites in 1992.  See a detailed report from WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Canter): detailed Information on Altitude, Physical feature, Vegetation, Climate and so on.

“The most important feature of the site are the outstanding karst formations, the most notable being the travertine falls and limestone shoals in Huanglong, a valley set between high hills and snowy mountains in a protected environment.” -- Praise from WCMC.

Tips and problems:

> Be careful with high altitude and cool temperature.
At the entrance of the park, the altitude is at 3160 m, the ascent is around 300m.

> Walk up slowly.
Travel agency would advise Chinese tourists to rent oxygen bags.

> Don't forget your umbrella.
Lot of rain falls between May and September in the region.

>> No direct bus link.

>> Submerged by Chinese tourists
Travelers should follow one plank path up while enjoying the surprisingly beautiful landscape, and go down with another path of stone steps hidden in the forest. Worth a trip despite of the crowd.

Getting there and away:

Songpan <--> Huanglong
Huanglong is 56 KM from Songpan. An ideal way is to share a minibus with other individual travelers to do this trip. Alternatively you can take a bus heading for Pingwu from Songpan in the morning. But don't count on the public buses in Huanglong to return to Songpan as nobody knows exactly when they pass by.

Jiuzhaigou --> Huanglong --> Songpan
No direct connection by public bus. The best way to go to Huanglong is to rent a minibus (for 6 persons) from Jiuzhaigou, which costs around RMB 200 - RMB 280 depending on your negotiation skills. The driver would like to wait for you in Huanglong when you visit the park and send you to Songpan in the evening if you pay another RMB 100 to RMB 150. Luggage:It's possible to leave your luggage in the park's administration office if you give the staff a nice friendly smile.

We managed to find two couples to share the minibus. Normally it should not be a problem as most of individual travelers in Jiuzhaigou would like to visit Huanglong.

The new Jiuzhaigou airport has bus running between Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. See Jiuzhaigou Transport.

Where to stay:
In the park: Lodging is not possible.
Outside the park: only midrange hotels, no budget lodges. Group tourists stay in Chuanzhusi, a boring town built for Chinese tourists.
The best solution is to overnight in Songpan. It's easier for you to leave for various destinations: Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu, Zoige in the next morning.
In Songpan, Sun Grand Hotel (Taiyang Dajiudian) has doubles for RMB 80, clean with hot water after 20:00. Rooms of RMB240 have 24-hour hot water, and are newly renovated. Always negotiate the price.

Where to eat:

In the park:no restaurant, neither shops for snacks.
Outside the park: various expensive restaurants, most of them reserved for group tourists